Lego Architecture Burj Khalifa Dubai 21008

Architecture Burj Khalifa Dubai 21008

LEGO Architecture

Model: 4642302
UPS: 673419159661

For anyone interested in buying a Architecture Lego kit I've put together very good info. Architecture Burj is really fun Lego kit! This is a somewhat popular product. The EAN barcode for this is 0673419159661. I in fact loved that it has the feature of includes information booklet with details on design and detailed history of landmark (english language only). Other features include 208 total pieces. The Lego set dimensions are 16.3"H. architecture burj khalifa dubai 21008 . To get this product now at the best price, visit our store button.

208 pieces Ages 12+ Build a LEGOÂ ® replica with the worldâ € TMs tallest man-made structure! Burj Khalifa was commissioned to assist Dubai diversify from an oil-based economic climate to 1 particular that is service and tourism focused. Currently the worldâ € TMs tallest freestanding structure, at far more than a single half-mile tall, Burj Khalifa sways a total of 4. This steel, glass and reinforced concrete tower was constructed between 2004 and 2010, led by architect Adrian D. Smith. Architectural replica from the real-world Burj Khalifa Booklet included with details on design and history. (English language only) Measures over 16â € (40cm) tall and 4â € (10cm) wide Includes a booklet with facts relating to the building, its construction and history. Burj Khalifa has 58 elevators with the worldâ € TMs longest travel distance. The assembled Burj Khalifa model is more than 16â € (40cm) tall and 4â € (10cm) wide on a base with a printed name label. 9 feet in Dubaiâ € TMs fierce desert wind. 5 ft. Burj Khalifa will be the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 2,716.


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