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Nanoblock Deluxe Castle Himeji

Deluxe Castle Himeji5 Star Rating
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Snap The Idea Together With The Deluxe Castle Himeji

Create and build with the Deluxe Castle Himeji manufactured by Nanoblock! Among the many key characteristics for these Nanoblocks is the 3d work of art creates details with assorted sizes and colored pieces. Other features include things like not compatible with lego blocks and includes detailed color instructions. The Nanoblock kit is 7" Height x 11" Length x 8" Width.

nanoblock deluxe castle himeji they construct

Price: $79.99
Publisher: Nanoblock
Model: 99016
UPC: 026511990166
Quantity: 1

Full Description

They can construct like they've never constructed before - Nanoblocks Himeji Castle Micro-sized developing blocks with incredibly fun impact. This Nanoblock castle set gives a memorable building encounter plus a closer look at a world-famous landmark. Himej Castle is believed to resemble a bird taking flight, (- could be the reason folks flock to this specific Nanoblocks set. Also named Hakuroj, (" White Egret Castle ") or Shirasagij (" White Heron Castle"). Himeji Castle - Yes, it is a castle. Prepare to make a replica making use of the finest surviving prototype of Japanese castle architecture! Though, Himeji isn't just any castle. And it really exists on a hilltop in Japan.) Himeji castle arises from the mound of 2200 miniature blocks for gorgeous display. Layer by layer, the richly detailed castle design will give you ascending satisfaction.


  • Collect, build and display your works of art.
  • Micro-sized building blocks will enable you to execute even the finest details like never before
  • A 3D work of art creates details with assorted sizes and colored pieces.
  • Not compatible with Lego blocks
  • Includes detailed color instructions.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 7" Length: 11" Width: 8"
  • Package Dim.: Height: 2.9" Length: 16.7" Depth: 8.3"
  • Package: 1.95 lbs.


1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

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