Nanoblock Grand Piano

Grand Piano
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Model: 58109
UPS: 026511581098
Package Quantity: 1

Create and build with the Grand Piano a great item from Nanoblock. I do believe you will love that the item features nanoblock grand piano - from the? miniature collection?. Additional features include things like full assembly instructions and 150+ miniature building blocks. The Nanoblock kit is 0.8"H x 4.2"L x 7"W. If you're lucky, you'll discover the experience somebody's boy or girl gained while using the product.

Create 3D functions of musical art with nanoblock! Includes detailed color instructions. 625"D: 0. With a finished size of H: 4. These micro-sized generating blocks will enable you to execute even the finest facts like never before! With over 180 assorted size pieces, you will likely be amazed as this musical instrument takes shape suitable beneath your fingers tips! 75", this piano is able to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. 3125"W: 1.


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