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Kawada Nano Block Mallard Duck NBC-061

Nano Block Mallard Duck NBC-0614 Star Rating
Nano Block Mallard Duck NBC061 Kawada Nano Block Mallard Duck NBC061 Image 1
Nano Block Mallard

Constructing has never been more fun with Kawada Nano Block Mallard Duck NBC-061 from Kawada! The barcode for this is 4972825143544. Online you can get numerous sources and info that can help make the right buy. Initially, know that you can find an outstanding present for children without having to spend too much, plus without giving up higher quality. Reviews are the best way to find the information needed for both price and quality for almost anything, visit the link below.

kawada nano block mallard duck latest

Price: $6.25
Publisher: KAWADA
Model: NAN-NBC061
Quantity: 1

Full Description

It may be the most recent of nano block. You can enjoy the nano block [Features] - Easy, Mallard Lone joins for light users mini collection series (animal ). -With the manual and a piece for exhibition plate.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Package Dim.: Height: 0.79" Length: 7.17" Depth: 4.02"
  • Package: 0.13 lbs.

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