Kawada Nano Block NBM-002 Zero Sen

Nano Block NBM002 Zero Sen


Model: NBM-002
Package Quantity: 1

Shopping for a funtastic building set? Kawada Nano Block NBM-002 Zero Sen is a fun Nanoblock set. EAN# 4972825143704. Great deal on Kawada Nano Block NBM-002 Zero Sen . To take advantage of the bargain I uncovered, check out the link.

Fighters from many male fans, reproduce the fighter (against zero) on the popular battleship zero. nanoblock is a single certain raised dot is in fact a block with all of the world's smallest class of ultra-mini size 4mm x 4mm away. Of course, can be produced up into modest parts that could not be reproduced smaller, the common size blocks can make a cute work taking advantage from the greatest feature is its little size. The quantity of pieces that make rewarding! ■ Number of pieces with assembly instructions: nanoblock with more than 450 pieces (nano-block )? By recombination, can reproduce the two states within the state and landing flight conditions.


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