Nanoblock ML_033 Beer

Nanoblock ML033 Beer
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Model: ML-033
Package Quantity: 1

Constructing has not been more challenging with Nanoblock ML_033 Beer ! Model Number 4972825139684. To get the same low price I discovered, check out our store add to cart button below.

And the feeling of"cheers for good work ". containers made from PET tube enters. Mini size of a single raised dot [nanoblock] 1 that only 4mm, (volume ratio 1/8) is the size of half of the diamond block traditional. Mini size blocks of the surprise, of"nanoblock"series, The raw beer set. By that was smaller, I can make small by more realistic. It is really a nano block of drunken salaryman is good, draft beer and a gift. The planet is spread varies greatly in magnitude just altered! In double spring the same structure as the diamond block, assembly feeling GOOD! a fun gift Send me father favorite beer, to senior colleagues and company. Salaryman figure included [Features] drunk.


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