Nanoblock NBC_037 Electric Guitar (red)

Nanoblock NBC037 Electric Guitar
Nanoblock NBC037 Electric Guitar red Image 1Nanoblock NBC037 Electric Guitar red Image 2


Model: NAN-NBC037
Package Quantity: 1

Among the list of key features for these Nanoblocks is the micro-sized building blocks will enable you to execute even the finest details like never before. Additional features include includes detailed color instructions. and not compatible with lego blocks. It's dimensions are 3" Height x 4" Length x 1" Width and weighs about 0.04 lbs. Nanoblock NBC_037 Electric Guitar (red) , select the link below.

You don't have to be an engineer to develop with Nano Blocks! With these micro-sized constructing blocks, 3D buildings take shape correct beneath your fingers! Watch in amazement as buildings are erected to even the tiniest detail.


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