Nanoblock Sheep NBC-054

Nanoblock Sheep NBC054
Nanoblock Sheep NBC054 Image 1


Model: NAN-NBC054
Package Quantity: 1

Children get insane for the Nanoblock Sheep NBC-054 . A listing of features are over 120 pieces, level 2 and for ages 8+. It weighs approximately 0.15 lbs. Shopping for Nanoblock Sheep NBC-054 . Should you need a good deal on this building set, check out the add to shopping cart button on this site.

Create 3D works of animal art with nanoblock! With more than 120 pieces, watch in amazement as this black and white bear, takes shape proper beneath your fingertips! These micro-sized constructing blocks will enable you to execute even the finest particulars like never before! Includes detailed color directions.


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