Nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree (non-lego) Kawada [japan]

Nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree
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Model: NBH-022
Package Quantity: 1

Your children will go crazy for a Nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree a great building set by Kawada. Among the list of features for these Nanoblocks is the (without plate) height 273mm: body size (about). Other features include things like weight (about): 100g. Nanoblock Tokyo Sky Tree , add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.

Make with block the world's smallest class, attractions of Japan. Thoroughly, I can pursue the completion with all of the carry out. It's the most significant characteristic of getting able to build in to a little component that could not be reproduced, of course, smaller, and have the ability to create an cute operate in the common block size by taking advantage of its small size. [Features] nanoblock and (nano block) it? - In order to express a exclusive type of the Tokyo Sky Tree cross section goes a circle of triangles as going from the bottom to the top, and has adopted the new parts to fit this product. Japan Toy Awards high target Toy Grand Prize winner with the manual of booklet form [usage], 2011. and More! The object shining beautifully inside the dark by placing the LED plate (sold separately ). -I can enjoy adult is absorbed.! It becomes equivalent to the scale nanoblock that are already released inside the (R) Tokyo Tower, you can enjoy side-by-side two big tower on behalf of Japan. nanoblock could be a block of super-mini size of the world's smallest class of 4mmx4mm slightly raised dot 1. Nanoblock is really a block of a whole new hobby for adults.


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